Comments from Elbert's students

Dear Elbert,

We are back in our routines here in the cold, dark north after our recent visit to Ambergris Caye. We have many vivid memories of our vacation in your beautiful part of the world - one of which is our experience meeting you.

Joan, Sam and I want to thank you for all the personal and professional attention you gave to our group of divers and, particularly, Sam. Joan and I had a conversation with David Barnes last week in which he remarked that we managed to find perhaps the best possible open water instructor to take Sam on his certification dives. We agree! Prior to meeting you Joan was insisting that I be along on all the dives. After her first meeting with you she waived that requirement, realizing that Sam was in the best possible hands.

We wish you great success in your future with ProTech and hope to see you again when we return to Ambergris Caye!

Bryan Nelson

Hello Elbert,

I wanted to write to thank you for the wonderful diving refreshe! r course that you gave me at Ramonís on December 2. I was so panicked and you really calmed me down and set me up for a wonderful couple of weeks of diving and snorkeling. If it hadnít been for you and your caring teaching style, I most certainly would have given up and I would have missed out on some of the richest memories of my trip. I canít thank you enough.

As you predicted, the time I spent on the northern part of the caye was just lovely. It was very peaceful there, and I enjoyed living off the grid for a few days.
Thank you again, youíve made a big difference in my life.

Minette Layne
Seattle, Washington

Elbert Greer was an outstanding instructor with a lot of experience and useful tips. He was very friendly and fun, but equally very strict about safety-- perfect balance for and instructor.

Vivake K. Bhalla

Unbelievably cool!! I'll be telling that story for years! Thank you again for helping me to complete my certification. You truly put me at ease and made the whole experience fun.

Saturday we ventured out to Blue Hole. I was afraid to go to 130 ft on my first real dive, so they let me put my gear on anyway and hang out at the safety stop for the rest of the group to return. I looked back up at the boat and saw 6 reef sharks circling about. You thought my eyes got big coming out of that swim through at Tackle Box? They practically popped out of my head! Suddenly 130 feet sounded like a pretty safe place to be! :)

Half Moon Caye Wall was pretty fun. Eagle Ray to the Aquarium was also pretty cool, but I have to tell you that my two dives with you were far more amazing! Partially because they were my first dives and partially because you pointed out so many cool things to look at -- not to mention the manatee.

It's hard to believe I'm back to work. No Belikins OR afternoon naps makes for a tough re-entry.

Best of luck to you. I'll definitely pick up your book.

Happy diving.


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